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Logo for Bursali Towels

Bursali Towels

This developer and manufacturer of towelling products shows how superfast broadband can enable businesses to utilise more functions within existing technologies.

Image of D&G logo

D&G Office Interiors

Highlights that cloud solutions can improve customer service by enabling businesses to perform job-related tasks in real time and make instant changes to reflect dynamic circumstances.

Picture of LH Evans logo

LH Evans

Improvements to the bandwidth and reliability of broadband connections provides the confidence and capability to incorporate a wider array of digital tools.

Picture of the Mona Tractor logo

Mona Tractor

The adoption of superfast broadband has helped the business to improve the efficiency of its business operations. It believes that this was an essential step in keeping pace with an integrated and instant world.

Picture of Myddfai Trading logo

Myddfai Trading Company

Outsourcing website design and social media presence can circumvent slow connections.

Image for Recycle Scooters and Bikes

Recycle Scooters and Bikes

Implementation of digital technologies is becoming a necessity for business survival, as opposed to a strategic choice.

Logo for Trail Rides Wales

Trail Rides Wales

Even moderate implementation of broadband-enabled digital resources can bring significant benefits for the business.

Picture of White Room Gallery logo

White Room Gallery

While ensuring the availability of superfast infrastructure is important, the skillset to use these resources is equally as important for some novice broadband users.