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Gabriela Caganda

Filipino student Gabriela Caganda sitting on the grass

Gabriela chose Cardiff University for its top ranking in Psychology across UK universities, its perfectly sized city, and all the things to do in Cardiff that she has yet to explore.

Name: Gabriela Caganda
Home country : Philippines
Course: BSc Psychology
Year of graduation: 2017 - 2021

Tell us about your course. How is it different to classes back home?

BSc Psychology consists of lectures, laboratory sessions and participation in research experiments, all of which work well together in giving me a holistic experience of being in the field of psychology.

Lectures in Cardiff consist of 200 students on the course, whereas classes back in the Philippines only consist of classrooms of 30 students. I’m very grateful for lecture recordings in Cardiff as well. If I am unable to attend a lecture, I can easily watch the lecture recording online, an option that students in the Philippines unfortunately do not have.

What you have enjoyed most about studying at Cardiff University?

Studying BSc Psychology at Cardiff University has not only strengthened my decision to pursue a career in the field, it has also given me a number of opportunities to participate in research studies, exposing me to the different types of psychology.

What is the best thing about living in Cardiff?

Cardiff is the perfect mix of old and new. Whilst preserving its rich history and culture in its landscapes, it also has a taste of up-and-coming scenes in the city centre for students to enjoy. I find the size of the city perfect for me as well – it is small enough for me to walk everywhere I need to go and at the same time, big enough for me not to have explored every part of the city yet.

"The Filipino Society are my home away from home!"

Gabriela Caganda, BSc Psychology 2017-2021

Are you a member of any clubs and/or societies? What is it like to be part of a society?

I am a member of the Psychology Society and Filipino Society. I enjoy attending socials with the Psychology Society, as I get to interact with my course mates more outside of lectures and tutorials. I also very much enjoy parties with the Filipino Society, as they are my home away from home.

How has the University supported you during your time here?

The University has been very accommodating with all that I need. They always prioritise us international students and assure we feel at home here. The University also has numerous facilities, especially in the Students’ Union, that are always open to me, whenever need be.

What would be your advice for prospective students thinking about coming to Cardiff?

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of eventful, yet laid-back, Cardiff would be the right place for you. It’s a walkable, family-friendly city filled with such lovely people. Cardiff University is right at the heart of the city as well, so you’d always find yourself exploring whilst being in university.

What are your plans for the future?

In the near future, I am hoping to stay in the UK for its range of job opportunities in the field of psychology, and one day return to the Philippines and give back to the developing mental health community in my country.