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Our students from China

Students and graduates from your country share their experiences of living and studying with us.

Ning Hou

Ning, an MSc International Planning and Development graduate, now does planning for rural areas and models urban spaces for a living.

Xinying Wang

Xinying, a recent BSc Computer Science graduate student, talks about Cardiff and gives lots of advice to applicants of all disciplines.

Luke Xie

Luke studied his MSc in International Economics, Banking and Finance in 2004, setting the foundations for his successful career and position as Managing Partner of T&D Capital.

Nina Zhang

Nina has had a successful career as head of risk management for an international commercial bank thanks to her Cardiff University master’s and PhD studies.

Nan Hu

Meet Nan, a postgraduate student from China who chose to return to Cardiff after her Master's studies to pursue a PhD in the School of Journalism, Media and Culture.