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Abubakari Bediako

Abubakari won a prestigious Tullow Scholarship to study MSc in Geoenvironmental Engineering.

Passionate about the environment, he hopes that his studies in the School of Engineering will help him contribute constructively to the oil and gas industry in the future.

"I believe that environmental sustainability is important but to engineer and control the environment, it is vital to understand the natural processes which have shaped the environment as well as the human activities which are continually reshaping the environment. To play my part of helping maintain a better environment, I am taking an MSc in Geoenvironmental Engineering."

"The engineering courses at the University are typically tailored vocational training courses. The availability of ‘miniature industrial plants’ at the labs and the use of industrial soft wares for teaching, mean that they keep you abreast with current industrial practice. All these, coupled with the long history of cosmopolitanism of Cardiff city, makes the University a great place to learn, especially as an international student."