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Online sources

Accessing online sources

Legislation databases

Westlaw UK: All devolved legislation (as amended and historical) from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales since 1999 as well as Acts of the Old Scottish Parliament that were still in force in 1991.

LexisLibrary: All devolved legislation (as amended) from Scotland and Wales since 1999. All legislation (not amended) from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales since 1999. Plus Measures of the Northern Ireland Assembly 1974; Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament 1921-1972; Acts of the Old Irish Parliament 1495-1800; Acts of the Old Scottish Parliament 1424-1707.

Law Wales: Provides an overview of constitutional and government arrangements within Wales, an outline of the stages of the Welsh devolution journey and law making procedures, description of the judicial system in Wales, and topic based analysis of Welsh legal powers.

House of Commons

Parliamentary papers: Provides access to Bills, Command papers, and House of Commons papers (for example, Select Committee papers) printed between 1801 and the 2003/04 session.

Hansard: 1988 onwards. Print copy in Law Library (not complete) – information available on LibrarySearch
Hansard Digitisation Project - new materials being gradually added and is therefore neither a complete nor an official record (1803 to present).

Welsh Affairs Committee website

UK Parliament: Research Briefings.

Law Library / Arts and Social Studies Library print collections:

  • Northern Ireland, Public Acts, 1921-2010.
  • The Statutes Revised: Northern Ireland 1226-1920 (2nd ed Stationery Office 1982)
  • The Statutes Revised: Northern Ireland 1921-1981 (2nd ed Stationery Office 1982).


UK government: responsibilities in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

Welsh Parliament:

Scottish Government's guide to the History of Scottish Devolution.

Scottish Parliament's briefings on parliamentary business and research briefings.

Northern Ireland Assembly Research Information Service.

Conflict and Troubles in Northern Ireland (CAIN) (1968 to date), featuring bibliographies and databases.

Campaign for the English Regions.

Centre on Constitutional Change: Research Briefings.

Constitution Unit: Devolution and the English Regions.