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Our dedicated team have been awarded for their innovative approach to teaching and recognised for close collaboration with business.

Our course content has been designed with input from leading organisations to ensure you gain experience in hands-on software development using current commercial tools and techniques. Not only will this strengthen your professional skills, making you ready for work, but it will also increase your employability through consistent engagement with practising professionals.

Our bespoke learning environment supports team discussions and collaborative working with peers.

As a Cardiff University student in the School of Computer Science and Informatics, you will have access to all of the University's facilities and support services.

Client-facing projects

Our client-facing projects are designed to practically test your knowledge in a “learning-by-doing" manner, immersing you in the types of issues and tasks that will be required of you in the workplace.

Typically, projects run for around four weeks towards the end of each semester with the exception of the undergraduate Final Year Large Team Project which runs for 8-10 weeks in the spring semester. Postgraduate students will undertake a major project as part of their dissertation.

Project support

All projects are supported by an academic supervisor who will guide you through the project from its inception to delivery. They will usually be a lecturer from your teaching team but we also involve members from other teams when a large number of projects are running. You will typically meet your academic supervisor on a weekly basis in a “sprint meeting” to ensure the project is on the right track and to resolve any problems.

Working as a team

In the software engineering industry, there is a huge emphasis on team working. Our programmes are designed to teach our students all the skills you will need to work effectively as a professional software engineer. This includes the use of tools and techniques to manage code efficiently, manage tasks and manage project requirements.

You will also be taught a range of “soft skills” such as presenting, communication, negotiation and conflict management. Gaining this experience in a safe environment is highly valuable. As a graduate, you will have worked on a good range of sizeable software engineering projects and will have gained significant experience helping to improve your employability.


You will be provided with a laptop during induction week that will remain with you throughout the duration of the course. The laptop will run the necessary software to complete your course. The laptop remains the property of the University and you must return it once teaching ends each year (around May for undergraduate and September for postgraduate students).

Working with partners

Students work on projects with an industry client, have the opportunity to participate in 'Lunch and Learn' talks, attend industry-networking events and talk to industry mentors.

Student queries

UK and EU students

If you have general queries about studying at Cardiff University, please contact our Admissions Office who will be able to answer your questions.

Admissions team

International students

If you are an international student and have queries about visa applications, funding or working while studying in the UK, please contact our International Office.

International Office