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Jamie's story

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Jamie’s project involved working with the NHS to develop an app for outpatients that can keep track of their wellbeing after chemotherapy.

The app allowed patients to record their food and fluid intake, physical activities and other health facts to help spot trends and improve care.

Jamie said, “The thing that distinguishes it [BSc in Applied Software Engineering] from other degrees is that it’s based on real projects from real clients. When we [currents students] eventually go into work, we will have that industry practise that’s more comparable to the workplace.

We are taught relevant agile practices and [programming] languages that are currently used.”

Jamie was happy to be working on real projects that clients can use. He said, “We are not just [developing software] to meet academic outcomes, we’re [developing software] for real people to use.”

They [the students] come out at the end of the degree with all the skills needed to fit in to a working software development team.

Richard James, Web Team Manager, Admiral.