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Social Science is the study of society, and how people behave and influence the world.

What you study with us will relate directly to current events happening in the world today, and will enable you to understand and contribute to contemporary debates in an informed way. Social Science helps to explain how society works – why crimes are committed, how schools support economic growth, how communities are formed, what makes people happy.

We are an internationally recognised centre of high quality teaching and research. Our courses are taught by researchers at the forefront of the subject, whose expertise and insight inform governments and policy-makers regionally, nationally and globally.

Around 300 undergraduates join us each year and we are one of the largest research active and interdisciplinary social science centres in the UK. All our undergraduate courses provide opportunities to develop skills in social science research methods, and to engage with interdisciplinary research.



We offer Criminology programmes within an interdisciplinary social sciences context; sociological, psychological and political approaches are explored in the undergraduate curriculum.



Our Education degrees explore and question the social, psychological, political and economic foundations of education.

Social Policy

Social Policy

Social Policy is the study of how societies respond to human need and seek to promote the well-being of their members.



Our Sociology programmes explore how societies are shaped and changed through people's behaviour, drawing on theories, concepts and empirical evidence.

Social Science

Social Science

The Social Science degree programmes provide opportunities to study on an interdisciplinary programme, drawing on research and theories from across the disciplines.

Photograph of large group of people

Human and Social Sciences

The course allows you to build up a range of skills and knowledge whilst developing a critical understanding of psychology as a social science.


Social Analytics

This unique degree has been developed to address the growing demand for quantitatively literate and competent social science graduates.

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