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Welsh modules at the Schools of Social Sciences

We offer opportunities for students to study part of their undergraduate courses  through the medium of Welsh.

Welsh medium personal tutor groups

In your first year, you'll meet with your personal tutor every two weeks in a group with other Welsh speaking students.  In your group you'll develop academic skills as you move into the first year of an undergraduate degree course. This will be especially helpful as you will have had experience in the past of learning through the medium of Welsh (and possibly English). In the spring semester you'll have the opportunity to meet University researchers who are working in different areas and get to hear them discussing their work through the medium of Welsh.

Overall, you'll be supported to learn at an undergradiuate level, giving you an opportunity to continue to discuss topics in Welsh and this will provide a valuable bridge between learning in both Welsh and English.  You'll continue to meet with your personal tutor in the second and third year of your studies.

Seminars through the medium of Welsh

Currently, the School offers seminars through the medium of Welsh for two modules in the first year.  For 2014 – 15 these modules included 'Education and Society' and 'Introduction to Social and Public Policy'. These might change as the School assesses where the greatest demand is.

The seminars give you the opportunity to discuss in the Welsh medium what you've learned in your lectures. If you wish, you may also take exams and write your essays in Welsh.

Education and Society: Year 1

This module introduces students to the role that education plays in society. It looks at the effects of recent education policies on access to educational opportunities, management (governance) of educational institutions and wider social welfare. By studying contemporary educational issues, students will appreciate the role that education plays in society. This module is particularly relevant for students interested in studying teaching practice and pursuing a career in education after their time at University.

Introduction to Social and Public Policy: Year 1

This module will study welfare needs and problems and the institutional arrangements for solving these problems. This module aims develop understanding of major policy issues within the welfare state. Furthermore,  knowledge of how welfare needs are handled in moderncontemporary Britain, and in an EU context, will also be developed.

In the years to come, we hope to increase Welsh medium provision, offering more seminars and providing new modules in the Welsh language.

For more information, please contact Siôn Jones

Dr Sion Jones

Dr Sion Jones


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