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Welsh modules at the School of Social Sciences

We offer opportunities for students to study part of their undergraduate courses through the medium of Welsh.

Welsh medium personal tutor

Personal tutors provide support to students by combining academic advising and support for students’ general welfare through signposting to appropriate services as and when required. If you wish, it’s possible for you to have a personal tutor who speaks Welsh and who can discuss academic and personal matters with you in Welsh.

Overall, you'll be supported to learn at an undergraduate level, giving you an opportunity to continue to discuss topics in Welsh and this will provide a valuable bridge between learning in both Welsh and English.

Welsh-medium teaching provision

Seminars through the medium of Welsh

Currently, the school offers seminars through the medium of Welsh in a number of different modules on topics such as criminology, social research, social theory and sociology.

The seminars give you the opportunity to discuss in Welsh what you've learned in your lectures. These might change as the school assesses where the greatest demand is.

Module fully delivered through the medium of Welsh – Contemporary Society in Wales

Furthermore, we currently offer a module called Contemporary Society in Wales where all learning activities, such as lectures and seminars, are through the medium of Welsh.

The aim of this module is to develop students' interdisciplinary understanding and knowledge of the society that they live in - Welsh society. The module explores the diversity and differences that exist in Wales in terms of social characteristics such as social class, gender and ethnicity and also in relation to language and national identity.

Social issues which are prevalent in Wales are also explored in this module.

Furthermore, the module looks at the impact of Welsh Government’s policies on the people of Wales and compares these policies with policies of other governments.

By the end of the module, students are aware of the unique characteristics of Welsh society and are aware of the differences and similarities between Welsh society and societies in other parts of the world.

Dissertation supervision in Welsh

In the third year you might do a dissertation, where you plan and carry out a piece of independent research, write it up and present your ideas and findings.

It is possible for you to have a Welsh-speaking supervisor, who is able to provide you with advice and discuss your research project in Welsh. It is also possible for you to present your dissertation research project in the annual dissertation conference in Welsh and write your dissertation in Welsh.

Submitting assessments in Welsh

If you wish, you may also take exams, write your essays and submit other assessments in Welsh.

In the years to come, we hope to increase Welsh medium provision, offering more seminars and providing new modules in the Welsh language.

For more information, please contact Siôn Jones at

Dr Sion Jones

Dr Sion Jones


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