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We focus on unlocking the power of visualisation to enhance cognition, integrate intelligence, and facilitate decision making.

The realisation of artificial intelligence requires the integration of machine intelligence and human intelligence. Visualisation uses interactive visual representations of data to enhance cognition by leveraging the perceptual abilities of human eyes. In the era of big data, it plays a crucial role in making sense of vast amounts of complex information. Visual analytics leverages visualisation techniques and interfaces to create an immersive analytical environment, which enables utilising visual understanding and machine understanding as complementary means to combine human and machine intelligence. In human-centered analysis and decision-making scenarios, such as security, military, disaster prevention and mitigation, interactive and intelligent visual analysis will become a core analytical mode.


  • Profound research in visualisation techniques and visual analytics
  • Interdisciplinary applications of visualisation and visual analytics


General visualisation techniques

  • Computer Graphics
  • Animation and rendering
  • Image and signal processing
  • Geometric design, modelling and processing
  • AR/VR/immersive displays

Mathematical foundations and machine learning algorithms

  • Data clustering and aggregation
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Feature detection, extraction, tracking and transformation
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Numerical methods

Application areas for visualisation and visual analytics

  • Machine Learning
  • Health and Medicine
  • Engineering and Robotics
  • Social Science

Current projects

  • Uncovering the “instincts” of deep generative models for fair and unbiased visual content creation. Funding approximately £72,922. EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnerships.

Meet the team


Seminars from members and visitors are presented at the visual computing research seminar series.


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Our research makes a difference to people’s lives as we work across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment.


Postgraduate research

Our research degrees give the opportunity to investigate a specific topic in depth among field-leading researchers.


Our research impact

Our research case studies highlight some of the areas where we deliver positive research impact.