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Visual computing research seminars

The VLunch meeting is a regular event to discuss research of interest to the Visual Computing Group.

Seminars will be held at 11:10 in Room S/3.21, Queen's Buildings (South).

All are welcome to attend. More seminars will be added to the list throughout the year so please check back regularly.

16 October 2019Bailin DengTowards scalable geometry processing (without solving linear systems)
23 October 2019Yipeng Qin Towards understanding how GANs really work
30 October 2019Daniel FinneganHis recently CHI paper submission
6 November 2019Yue Peng
University of Science and Technology of China
Accelerating ADMM for efficient simulation and optimization
13 November 2019Richard BoothA brief introduction to belief revision and some potential connections with computer vision
20 November 2019Yukun Lai Generative models for images and 3D shapes
27 November 2019Roberto DykeShape correspondence and registration with non-isometric deformations
4 December 2019Dalia Alfarasani Measuring 3D mesh saliency using eye tracker
5 January 2020Feng Zhou
Beihang University, China
A small talk on semantic segmentation from RGB to RGBD
15 January 2020Emin Zerman
Trinity College Dublin
Perception and quality assessment for immersive imaging technologies
22 January 2020Mark Hall
The Open University
This is not funny
29 January 2020Paul RosinNeural Style Transfer with Additional Information
5 February 2020Brendan McCane
University of Otago, New Zealand
3D reconstruction of vertebrae from bi-planar x-rays
3 October 2018Juncheng Liu
Peking University, China
Image driven co-segmentation of 3D models
10 October 2018Hui Huang Zhao
HengYang Normal University, China
Image style transfer using deep CNNs
17 October 2018Dietmar Saupe
University of Konstanz, Germany
KonIQ-10k: An ecologically valid database for deep learning of blind image quality assessment
24 October 2018Zeliang WangPolynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition techniques for multichannel signal processing
31 October 2018Yuhua LiNovelty detection: Know unknowns from knowns
7 November 2018Nicholas Wardhana
Welsh School of Architecture
Topologic: A toolkit for spatial and topological architectural modelling and exploration
14 November 2018Thomas HartleyPruning convolutional neural networks
21 November 2018Bailin DengAnderson acceleration for geometry optimization and physics simulation
28 November 2018Aled OwenWhere is the ball? Self-supervised representations for team sports
5 December 2018Jing WuSeeing the unseen: Locating objects from visual reflections
9 January 2019Abraham Nieva De La HidalgaApplication of semantic segmentation for processing of large image datasets from natural history collections
16 January 2019David George
Swansea University
Feature driven learning techniques for 3D shape segmentation
23 January 2019Stefano ZappalaIs your brain deforming? An in-vivo investigation of positional brain shift
30 January 2019Hantao LiuDemonstration and examples of eye tracking
6 February 2019Xianfang SunImage super-resolution
13 February 2019Paul RosinReverse correlation for image downsampling
20 February 2019Hantao LiuMaking use of eye-tracking data
27 February 2019Darren Cosker
University of Bath
Motion capture, analysis and animation research at CAMERA
6 March 2019Julien SchroeterWeakly-supervised temporal localisation via occurrence count learning
13 March 2019Joseph RedfernAssociation of violence with urban points of interest
20 March 2019Mark Hall
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Visual interfaces for exploring digital cultural heritage
27 March 2019Tim Ellis
Kingston University
Looking at people - measuring falls and interactions
3 April 2019Heejune Ahn
Computer vision and  deep learning algorithms for 2-D image based virtual cloth try-on
10 April 2019David Pickup
Building an autonomous vehicle
15 May 2019David HumphreysEnhancing shortest grammar algorithms for analysis of musical scores
22 May 2019Bo Li
Nanchang Hangkong University
Image colourisation
29 May 2019Ethan Dickson
Cardiff University and Orbital Media 
Talking heads: Speech driven facial modelling and video synthesis
5 June 2019Ran Song and Karina Rodriguez Echavarria
University of Brighton 
Analysis and applications of 3D objects to support audiences to engage with 3D content, including cultural heritage objects
12 June 2019Matthias TrederPredictive modelling of MR images using convolutional neural networks
17 July 2019Xiaofeng He (National University of Defense Technology, China)Bio-inspired navigation technology
17 July 2019Changhao Chen (National University of Defense Technology, China)

Learning methods for robust localization


Please direct all questions about this research seminar programme to:

Professor Paul Rosin

Professor Paul Rosin

Professor of Computer Vision

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Dr Hantao Liu

Dr Hantao Liu

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Dr Jing Wu

Dr Jing Wu


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