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Planetary Health Research Network

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Uniting researchers across disciplines to generate integrated solutions for human and planetary health.

Our global environment is changing and we recognise that human health and the health of the planet are deeply connected. We aim to unite academics from across the university. In collaboration with public and private partners, we bring together diverse perspectives, knowledge and understanding to jointly and decisively act on common solutions and goals that safeguard the health of all and safeguard the planet.

We concentrate on how changes to the planet’s natural systems play an important part in human health. Developing new urgent strategies for sustainable living, we will focus on solutions that do not cause environmental damage. We will facilitate the improvement of social, economic and environmental inequalities while sustaining global health and development gains.

Our work

We will facilitate deep and critical thinking about our interdisciplinary knowledge gaps, identify and build on our strengths in planetary health and create a space where communities can come together to think, debate, create and act.

Transdisciplinary research

We are a  transdisciplinary research group focused on health, social and environmental actions and analysis, to address health for all life on the planet and of the planet itself. We support joint-working to create novel links between planetary and life processes, human health, and the health of other living things.


We work with groups, environments and processes affected by planetary decline to co-produce much needed solutions.

Equity and urgency

We will ensure urgent, equitable, sustainable and connected health actions.


Our themes include:

Integrated solutions

We are building on integrated relationships between environmental, social, cultural and economic dimensions of health. Research will focus on findings, concepts and ethics that promote interdisciplinary collaboration and integration with health of planetary and ecological health.

Understanding risks, inequalities and futures

The implications of planetary changes are complex and uncertain. Our research network will focus on interactions between the risks, environmental and health stressors with solutions that benefit people and the planet.

Ethical, just and fair solutions

We have the scope to ensure that research, policy and practice will also focus on the ethical, regulatory, social issues and inequalities, with particular emphasis on physical, mental and social dimensions of health.


Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart

Dr Sara MacBride-Stewart


+44 29208 76354
Dr Joanne Lello

Dr Joanne Lello

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0)29 2087 5885