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CyCIS - Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure Security

Screen of potential cyber security threats

Operational technology threat detection and cyber incident impact solutions for industrial infrastructure.

What we do

We provide key solutions to the businesses and organisations who deal with the energy data and services. We help those who are struggling with efficient detection of cyber incidents while monitoring physical assets and operations remotely, and those looking for a return on investment in cyber-physical security.This tool will also help staff to make better decisions.

How we do it

We offer a data capture tool to mitigate critical cyber risk impact. We improve infrastructure resiliency by detecting cyber threats more efficiently and predicting future vulnerable states. Our key focus is on the operational technology (OT) critical assets through incident-response and software simulation in a cost-effective manner.


The following example applications of our tool illustrate our approach:

Substation supervision

Businesses can monitor their assets and resources remotely without visiting the physical infrastructure.

For example, if you have RTUs at substations connected with IEDs, they can send data over to the control centre or the monitoring office which processes the data. Before you store any data into a server, our tool can help you identify any malicious data and control commands, and smartly allows you to understand the impact of such threats.

Home energy management systems (HEMS)

Our solution fits perfectly in home energy management systems (HEMS), and supports processing a large amount of data collected from households and a wider community. It helps utilities to identify rogue devices (such as a smart meter) deployed within the wider physical infrastructure, and catch malicious data readings and threats in time.

Electric vehicle and vehicle-to-grid system infrastructure

Our solution also offers resilience support to vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems infrastructure, and can process bulk data received from electric vehicles in everyday use. It improves staff decision-making capability by detecting any unauthorised vehicles and keeping an eye on overall demand-supply to enhance the security of the entire system.

What we offer

  • Solutions at low cost and better ROI
  • Remote monitoring support through cyber situational awareness
  • Threat detection and response for healthier system resilience and better control at low risks
  • OT discovery and critical components for effective management of key assets
  • CPS Simulation for improving cyber-physical security and understanding the impact on real systems
  • System behaviour processing future demand for preparedness in advance
  • Identifying future vulnerable states for any security issues ahead of time to mitigate losses and associated cost

Founders and executive team

President and Chief Executive Officer

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Professor Omer Rana

Professor Omer Rana

College Dean of International
Professor of Performance Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 5542


Dr Yue Zhou

Dr Yue Zhou

Lecturer in Cyber Physical Systems

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Chief Operating Officer

Professor Jianzhong Wu

Professor Jianzhong Wu

Head of School, Engineering.

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CyCIS - Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure Security

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