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Race equality

We are committed to becoming an actively anti-racist institution.

As an education provider and leading employer in Cardiff, we have a responsibility – legal, ethical, intellectual and emotional – to be inclusive and to encourage diversity of thought and action.

Despite our work to date to ensure an anti-racist ethos, we acknowledge that we are on a journey – one that we are undertaking with openness and a desire to learn. Every member of our community has an important role to play in making sure that the lived experience of all staff and students matches our aspirations.

Over the last six months, we have taken several important steps to improve our understanding and to widen access for under-represented communities. These include the following new activities:

We are committed to open, transparent and challenging dialogue on racism, and of equality, diversity and inclusion more generally – aware as we are of the vital issue of intersectionality.

This page will be updated regularly to chart our progress; those with an interest in learning more about our work in this area should get in touch:

Compliance and Risk