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Dyslexia and colour vision deficiency

Dyslexia affects around 14 percent of the world's population and over three million people in the UK alone suffer from colour vision deficiency.

An inefficient visual system may lead to:

  • losing one's place when reading
  • difficulty copying off the board
  • limited concentration
  • tiredness
  • not reaching learning potential
  • frustration and becoming disruptive
  • poor handwriting.

Research has found that 1 in 5 children will demonstrate an improvement in reading through the use of colour overlays.

We can reduce the effects of dyslexia and colour vision deficiency through colour overlay assessment and colorimetry. Both assessments include an eye test, which will take place on a different day.

Please note that our optometrists are not behavioural optometrists and we do not diagnose dyslexia.

Colour overlay assessment

If you are uncomfortable, experience headaches or find that text distorts when reading black print on white paper, colour overlays may help you to maintain reading speeds for longer and increase performance in visual search tasks.

We offer colour overlay assessments, which is £110 for an 80 minute appointment and includes a visual assessment. Overlay sheets are £20 each.


We can use a colorimeter to find the optimal precision tint to relieve perceptual distortion if you have dyslexia, migraines or photosensitive epilepsy.

An 80 minute appointment costs £110 (and includes a visual assessment) during which we should be able to determine your exact tint from over 100,000 possible combinations.