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Eye tests

Eye examination

We offer eye tests to both private and NHS patients.

You may be entitled to a free NHS eye test or an NHS optical voucher.

We can carry out many further investigative procedures. We have specialised facilities for colour vision testing and binocular vision assessments together with retinal photography and VDU testing. We also have facilities for specific visual field analysis, carried out on one of many sophisticated visual field screeners.

You can choose to be seen by one of our resident optometrists or by a final year optometry student working under the close supervision of a qualified optometrist. If you attend the student clinics you will receive a free sight test.


Standard and pre-registration eye exams

ProcedureStandard cost
Private sight test£55
Initial contact lens fitting consultation£55
Soft contact lens aftercare consultation/exam£35
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lens aftercare consultation/exam£45

Specialised testing and contact lenses

Myopia control£110
BlephEx Treatment (including treatment pack)£160
Private low vision assessment£110
Colour vision assessment£55
Coloured overlay assessment (includes visual assessment)£110
Coloured overlay sheets£20
Colorimetry (includes visual assessment)£110
Keratoconic contact lens fitting£110

Other procedures

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)£20
Visual fields (full threshold)£20
Optomap screening£20
Fundus photography£10
Pupillary Distance measurement£15
Eyelash removal£10

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