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DSV future leaders sharpen skills with business school experts

11 September 2023

Participants and Cardiff University staff taking part in the DSV programme

Experts in logistics and operations management from Cardiff Business School deliver training to young professionals as part of the DSV Solutions Accelerate Programme.

DSV, a Danish transport and logistics company recently signed a strategic partnership with Cardiff University to facilitate closer cooperation around innovation, research, staff development, student futures, and international business development.

The DSV Solutions Accelerate Programme aims to support ambitious achievers within DSV to grow professionally and accelerate their careers for future senior manager and solution designer roles.

Cardiff University’s PARC Institute hosted the Accelerate Programme from 5 to 9 June 2023. Cohort members received training and attended workshops on the following:

  • forecasting for circular economy
  • operations management
  • inventory planning
  • transportation planning
  • manufacturing management

“Cardiff Business School was delighted to welcome the brilliant DSV Accelerate cohort to Cardiff University once again. The programme is a long-standing example of our fruitful partnership with DSV and showcases the excellent outcomes we can achieve together."
Professor Rachel Ashworth Dean and Head of School

The training was led by Professor Aris Syntetos, Dr Daniel Eyers, Dr Thanos Goltos, Dr Qinyun Li, and Professor Emrah Demir.

As part of the programme, the cohort visited RemakerSpace and Cardiff Business School’s PARC Institute of Manufacturing, Logistics and Inventory.

The 5 days of training concluded with presentations from the students. Professor Rachel Ashworth, Dean and Head of Cardiff Business School hosted the closing ceremony, with certificates given out by Accelerate Programme board member, Ralph Schouren.

"Working with colleagues from industry and influencing real-world practices is the raison d'être of the PARC Institute, and one of the main objectives of Cardiff University's strategic partnership with DSV. We were delighted to host this Accelerate cohort and proud to see this group of amazing and talented young people becoming part of Cardiff Business School's 'family'."
Professor Aris Syntetos Distinguished Research Professor, DSV Chair

Alejandra Aguilar, Project Specialist, DSV said:

“The lectures were really interesting. We learned about prognostics, circular economy, manufacturing, 3D printing, and transportation. The research that is done at the university plays a big role in industry and in the students as well because they’re getting prepared for being leaders in the future."

The PARC Institute and RemakerSpace are dedicated to creating a sustainable world by finding circular economic solutions to society’s grand challenges, bridging the gap between theory and practice in logistics and manufacturing operations management.

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