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We are providing the innovation and technology we don’t yet have.

Our research is grounded in three key areas:


We are understanding the resources we have available in meeting net zero.


We are asking if it’s possible to mitigate climate impacts by using science and engineering.


We are supporting the long-term just transition to a greener economy.

Research themes

Within these key areas are several research themes which focus and showcase the best of our research. Our core themes are areas where we have internationally leading critical mass across many individual researchers.

These are:

  • Catalysis
  • Zero carbon fuels
  • Low carbon-built environments
  • Compound semi-conductors
  • Whole systems analysis
  • Policy and social transformations

Emerging themes

Emerging themes are important nascent areas where we intend to grow.

These are:

  • Techno-economic and lifecycle assessment
  • Carbon storage and utilisation
  • Sustainable transport
  • Critical metals
  • Nature-based solutions