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About us

We are providing the solutions for a net zero future.

The need to reduce human-made greenhouse gases and achieve net zero is arguably the greatest and most urgent challenge our world has faced since the industrial revolution.

Part of the route to net zero is mapped, but there is a critical need to expand renewable energy potential, reduce and capture carbon emissions, and foster a more sustainable economy, grounded in the latest research.

Our institute is shaping our sustainable future by bringing together the most talented, forward-thinking, and multi-disciplinary research minds. We apply an interdisciplinary approach across areas including physical sciences, engineering, built environment, social sciences, arts and humanities, biosciences and geosciences and planning.

Our research is grounded in three key areas – understanding the resources we have available in meeting net zero; asking if it’s possible to mitigate climate impacts by using science and engineering; and supporting the long-term transition to a greener economy.

We are providing the innovation and technology we don’t yet have, and engaging with society, industry and government about how best to accomplish this.