Visiting Scholars Programme

We are an inter-disciplinary centre of excellence with an international reputation in research and a rich experience of PhD supervision.

Our research is organised around a number of multi-disciplinary research themes.

  • Borders and Bodies explores questions of identity and belonging in collective and individual experience, considering how these are expressed in embodied and spatial practices across a wide range of cultures.
  • Capitalism, Crisis and Ideology investigates past and present alternative social and political movements from across the world, with a particular focus on critically exploring understandings of capitalism and modernity.
  • Conflict, Development and Disaster examines the cultural, social and political meaning and impact of conflict, international development and disaster across the world, exploring their significance in the present era and historically.
  • Picturing Others examines issues of minority, margin and otherness across diverse languages and cultures, exploring how depictions of individuals and groups characterised as 'other' shape social and political landscapes.
  • Translation, Adaptation, Performance researches translation and adaptation in practice and in theory, focusing on the ways in which communication shifts articulate the global and the local in and across languages and cultures.

Our Visiting Scholars Programme offers a welcoming environment in which to engage with staff and students at both our school and the wider University.

Eligibility and length of study

  1. This programme is suitable for students currently registered for an MPhil or PhD at universities outside the UK;
  2. This programme is also designed for postdoctoral and experienced scholars who wish to conduct research at Cardiff University and participate in the research culture of the School;
  3. Applicants can be invited on a month by month basis or by academic terms – with a minimum of 1 month’s study. Bench fee applicable;
  4. The length of stay will depend on the depth of research which you wish to carry out and which can be facilitated by the School.
  5. Current students should normally have completed one or two years’ doctoral study, and must have the full support of their home institution.

What we offer

During their period at Cardiff, researchers will have access to the following:

  • participation in postgraduate workshops, seminars and lectures (on a non-credit basis for PhD students, subject to the consent of the teaching staff);
  • attendance at regular specialist Research Seminars in your own field;
  • attendance at Research Seminars
  • the opportunity to present a research paper at a seminar;
  • use of University Library services, including borrowing rights;
  • access to the University network and open-access work stations (including access to our specialist PGR Suite)
  • access to a computer and assistance with IT needs
  • access to local telephone calls and photocopying
  • support from a named academic within the School and our research office
  • hot-desking and, subject to demand, desk and book space

Please note that in order to make Visiting Scholars visible within the School, we would like you to present your research and be involved in the School’s academic activities during your stay.


For queries, informal discussions or to make an application, please send an academic CV (with two references), a detailed research proposal and a cover letter justifying your choice of the School of Modern Languages.

School Research Office