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Researchers working in a busy chemistry lab

New therapies for anxiety disorders

5 August 2019

Almost 75% of General Anxiety Disorder patients report dissatisfaction with their treatments due to significant side effects, but the launch of a new project at the Medicines Discovery Institute aims to address this global health issue.

Researcher works under fume hood with chemicals

Wolfson Foundation funds new Target Validation Suite

9 July 2019

A quarter of the population will experience mental health issues during their lifetime, and a cutting-edge laboratory will bring new and improved mental health medications closer to a reality.

Professor John Atack writing chemical formula on glass of fume hood

Next generation drugs for anxiety disorders

20 May 2019

Scientists at Cardiff University will be one step closer to improving anxiety medications, thanks to a major investment from the Medical Research Council.

Clay models of sea animals

The Urdd Eisteddfod

9 May 2019

The Medicines Discovery Institute will be inspiring the next generation of medicines discovery scientists through the welsh language at the Urdd Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay.

Shelkovnikova_Tatyana_staff_profile 2

Springboard Award for tools for research and drug discovery

30 April 2019

The Academy of Medical Sciences has awarded researchers at the Medicines Discovery Institute almost £100,000 to help discover more effective therapies of the future.

John Atack, Peter Halligan and Simon Ward in the lab

Bringing a new generation of drugs to patients

22 March 2019

Cardiff University launches Medicines Discovery Institute

Buckingham Palace

50th Anniversary Investiture of the Prince of Wales

11 March 2019

The Medicines Discovery Institute joined the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace to mark fifty years since Prince Charles was given the title of the Prince of Wales.

Medicines Discovery Institute team demonstrating interactive activity to children in white coats

Cardiff Science Festival

4 March 2019

Researchers from Cardiff University are helping to inspire the next generation of medicines discovery scientists.

Professor Simon Ward

Major investment to fund Fragile X Research

9 November 2018

Major research award to improve medication options for people with Fragile X syndrome

Cardiff Half Marathon 2017 start line

Over £400 raised for neuroscience research

10 October 2018

Staff from the Medicines Discovery Institute have raised over £400 for research into cancer, neuroscience and mental health by taking part in one of the UK’s biggest road races.