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Springboard Award for tools for research and drug discovery

30 April 2019

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The Academy of Medical Sciences has awarded researchers at the Medicines Discovery Institute almost £100,000 to help discover more effective therapies of the future.

Dr Tatyana Shelkovnikova from Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences has received the Springboard Award, supporting a project to investigate the molecule NEAT1, which is involved in many diseases, such as neurological disease and cancer.

Abnormal regulation of the NEAT1 in cells can predispose people to a wide range of diseases, and represents a promising target for new therapies.

Dr Tatyana Shelkovnikova, Cardiff University, said: “NEAT1 has two different forms, we need special tools to distinguish between these.

“These tools would allow us to better understand the role of the two forms of NEAT1 in disease. Once we understand this, we can investigate new drugs that target NEAT1.”

The Springboard Award will fund a project that will allow the researchers to track NEAT1 in cells.

“We will be able to observe NEAT1 levels and localisation within living cells, we can then use this to develop a system where we can test new therapeutics that will modify the levels of NEAT1.

“This £99,293 grant is a valuable investment in research that will help to look for molecules targeting NEAT1 in a range of diseases.

“Through this research, we hope to find answers to meet an area of unmet need in clinical treatments, and improve therapies for a range of disease in the future,” added Dr Shelkovnikova.

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