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Male researcher inspecting equipment

The Medicines Discovery Institute translates world-leading research into pharmaceutical developments helping to transform care for patients.

The world is facing a growing and aging population, as well as the pressure to develop treatments for life-threatening or life-altering diseases and conditions.

We bring together leading researchers in immunity, neuroscience, oncology and infectious disease.

Our research focuses on developing new approaches to old pharmaceutical targets to repurpose and improve clinical use, as well as investigating new approaches and targets to create new therapeutics. By partnering and collaborating with industry we aim to translate research expertise into clinical practice.


Our research covers modern drug discovery across brain health and cancer.

The Medicines Discovery Institute is home to multidisciplinary expertise, working together and applying our extensive experience to find solutions for the patients who need them most.

Professor John Atack Director, Medicines Discovery Institute

The challenge

Advancements in healthcare are driven by innovation, technological advancements and by integrating research into clinical practice. To create more effective and efficient treatments we will apply our expertise to identify new molecular targets, utilise our knowledge of disease processes and foster a collaborative approach in order to turn leading biomedical research into novel drugs.