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These programmes are designed for GPs, pharmacists and specialist nurses who wish to further develop their knowledge in the practical management of common therapeutic problems.

They aim to equip you with a sound understanding of the management of common medical conditions and to develop skills in evidence-based medicine. Graduates would be expected to gain the skills and expertise necessary to become the ‘local therapeutics expert’.

The programmes arise from a leading research centre and aims to encourage critical thinking and to equip students not only with practical and factual knowledge, but also provide a basic approach to therapeutic problems, encouraging attitudes and abilities which will be of lasting value in dealing with future advances in therapy.

Therapeutics (PgCert)Part-time distance learning1 year
Therapeutics (PgDip)Full-time distance learning1 year
Therapeutics (PgDip)Part-time distance learning2 years
Therapeutics (MSc)Part-time distance learning2-3 years

The PgDip stage does not require the PgCert as a prerequisite to study. You can choose whether to start with the PgCert or start directly with the PgDip.

Initially all students must first complete the 1 or 2 year PgDip stage before being able to progress to the 1 year MSc stage.

The full MSc takes 2 or 3 years to complete in total depending on whether the PgDip is studied as part or full time.