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Medical Toxicology

These programmes are designed for doctors, pharmacists and other scientists who wish to develop a broad understanding of the principles underlying medical toxicology.

The programmes aim to introduce you to the broad principles underlying medical toxicology and seeks to integrate an understanding of the mechanisms by which drugs and other chemicals produce toxic effects and how these can be predicted, treated and whenever possible, prevented.

They are particularly designed for clinical pharmacologists in training, specialist trainees in accident and emergency medicine or acute medicine and other disciplines, and those intending to enter or already working in the pharmaceutical industry.

They are also designed for those working in poisons centres, for health professionals, including hospital and community pharmacists and for those with a degree in Life Sciences or other individuals seeking a career in the government regulatory bodies or the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

Medical Toxicology (PgCert)Part-time distance learning1 year
Medical Toxicology (PgDip)Full-time distance learning1 year
Medical Toxicology (PgDip)Part-time distance learning2 years
Medical Toxicology (MSc)Part-time distance learning2-3 years

The PgDip stage does not require the PgCert as a prerequisite to study. You can choose whether to start with the PgCert or start directly with the PgDip.

Initially all students must first complete the 1 or 2 year PgDip stage before being able to progress to the 1 year MSc stage.

The full MSc takes 2 or 3 years to complete in total depending on whether the PgDip is studied as part or full time.