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Our research awards include a wide variety of projects from a range of funders. This is a sample of our current grants.

InvestigatorsProject descriptionFunded byDates
Professor P Harper, Dr D GartnerModelling to inform policing strategies of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and vulnerabilityPublic Health Wales01/03/2019- 28/02/2021
Dr J Ben-ArtziQuantitative estimates in spectral theory and theory and their complexityEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council01/10/2016- 30/09/2021
Dr A MihaiLimit analysis of debonding states in multi-body systems of stochastic hyperelastic materialEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 01/09/2019- 31/03/2022
Professor P Harper, Professor D Allen (Healthcare)Workforce behaviours in Healthcare SystemsTHIS Institute01/10/2018-30/09/2022
Dr J ZhangGeometRic ANalysis of Dilute PlasmAsMarie Skodowska Curie Fellowship01/07/2018- 30/06/2020
Dr R BehrendThe combinatorics of alternating sign matrices and plane partitionsThe Leverhulme Trust01/10/2019- 30/09/2022
Dr T LogvinenkoSpherical functions, P^n-functions and certain categorification problems in algebraic geometryLondon Mathematical Society04/02/2019-17/02/2019
Professor A Zhigljavsky, Dr A PepelyshevAlgorithms for real-time bidding in the advertising industryCrimtan Holdings01/04/2017-31/05/2019
Professor DE EvansThe search for the exotic: subfactors, conformal field theories and modular tensor categoriesEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council01/10/2016- 30/09/2019
Professor P Harper, Dr D GartnerAnalysis and modelling of single cancer pathway diagnostics phaseCancer Research UK01/05/2019- 31/10/2020