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Our research awards include a wide variety of projects from a range of funders. This is a sample of our current grants.

InvestigatorsSponsorsProject titleStart dateFinish dateCardiff award value (£)
Prof P Harper (MATHS), Dr D Gartner (MATHS), Dr V Knight (MATHS)Aneurin Bevan University Health BoardMathematical Modelling Research Unit01 June 201431 December 202544,000
Dr S Wood (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilIntegrable models and deformations of vertex algebras via symmetric functions01 November 202131 October 2025316,853
Prof T Phillips (MATHS)Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilMaths Research Associates 2021 Cardiff20 September 202119 September 2022100,000
Dr V Knight, Prof P Harper Cardiff & Vale University Health BoardOR Modelling for effective and efficient healthcare delivery30 September 2024 75,000.00
Dr J Ben-ArtziCommission of the European CommunitiesGeometRic ANalysis of Dilute PlasmAs01 July 201830 June 2022150,500
Dr F Dragoni Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilGeneralised and low-regularity solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations01 January 202131 December 202346,696.00
Dr J Ben-Artzi Commission of the European CommunitiesComputational complexity in quantum mechanics01 October 202030 September 2022186,688.00
Dr M Cherdantsev The Leverhulme TrustStochastic homogenisation of high-contrast composites01 March 202028 February 2023216,638.00
Prof M Marletta Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilA new paradigm for spectral localisation of operator pencils and analytic operator-valued functions27 January 202026 January 2023324,844.00
Prof R Behrend The Leverhulme TrustThe combinatorics of alternating sign matrices and plane partitions01 November 201931 October 2022208,057.00
Dr A Mihai Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilLimit analysis of debonding states in multi-body systems of stochastic hyperelastic material01 September 201928 February 2022290,844.00
Prof P Harper, Prof D Allen (School of Healthcare Sciences)THIS InstituteWorkforce behaviours in Healthcare Systems01 October 201830 September 2022136,660.00
Prof T Phillips Engineering and Physical Sciences Research CouncilUK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Sciences (UKCOMES)01 June 201831 October 202212,700.00
Prof P Harper, Dr D Gartner, Dr V Knight Aneurin Bevan University Health BoardMathematical Modelling Research Unit01 June 201431 December 202255,163.00