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Partnerships and collaborations

The School of Mathematics has strong collaborations with a wide range of partners from industry and business, public sector organisations and academia.

External partners

We are working with external partners to solve a variety of industrial, business and societal challenges.

Office for National Statistics

Professor Paul Harper, the leader of our Operational Research Group, is the academic director of Cardiff University’s strategic partnership with Office for National Statistics (ONS). Several of our statisticians work with the ONS, and the ONS funds the academic post of Dr Robin Mitra.

Public Health Wales

We have an established relationship with Public Health Wales (PHW), which has been hosting MSc projects for us for many years and has funded postdoctoral positions. We work with PHW on the logistics of public health delivery.

National Health Service

We have long-standing collaborations with several Welsh NHS boards to provide new solutions to complex healthcare demand management problems. Our E-HOSPITAL modelling platform was developed for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and is E-HOSPITAL is the only platform which combines strategic, tactical, and operational decision levels for healthcare operations in one platform. Our OR group has won awards for their work with the Welsh Ambulance Service and has been working with the London Ambulance Service Forecasting and Planning Team since 2015.

In 2015, NHS Wales commissioned the OR Group to analyse national NHS Direct and out-of-hours data to model a proposed 111 service across Wales. Our work was crucial in determining the staffing levels for the service, and their profile of medical qualifications.

Welsh Government

Members of the School including Paul Harper, Katerina Kaouri, Thomas Wooley and Anatoly Zhigljavsky have been extensively consulted by the Welsh Government to inform its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commercial partners

We work with a range of companies and organisations including Admiral, BA, Critman, Ernst & Young, Lloyds, McLaren, Nationwide, Proctor and Gamble, Smart Separations, SmithKline Beecham, and Welsh Water.

Industrial Advisory Board

The School’s close collaboration with business and industry is enhanced by our interaction with industrial partners on our Industrial  Advisory Board which helps to guide and advise us on our research strategy and also helps us to identify potential opportunities for industrial collaboration. The Board is made up of representatives from companies and organisations which include Admiral, BA, BT, Dyson, Ernst & Young, Lloyds, McLaren, Nationwide, ONS, Tata Steel, Welsh Government and Welsh Water.

European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry

We have been institutional members of the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI) since 2019.

ECMI is a consortium of academic institutions and companies that acts co-operatively to promote and support the use of mathematical modelling, simulation, and optimization in any activity of social or economic importance, on a European scale. They also aim to educate industrial mathematicians to meet the growing demand for such experts.

Dr Katerina Kaouri sits on the ECMI Council as one of two academic members based at UK institutions.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

We work with our colleagues across the university on a range of interdisciplinary projects including the School of Biosciences, the Cardiff University Brain Imaging Centre and the Business School. Another of our close research collaborators is the School of Computer Science and Informatics with whom we are co-located in our new building Abacws. We are collaborating on research in areas involving combinatorics, optimisation, data analysis and machine learning. Sharing the new building with Computer Science and Informatics will facilitate the further development of the Cardiff University Data Innovation Research Institute, that is jointly led by the two Schools.

In addition, we have been awarded a €6.7m grant with the Cardiff University School of Earth and Environmental address climate change resistance