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Embarking on your undergraduate studies with us will ensure that you have a strong academic and research-based foundation in the field of journalism.

We offer a stimulating intellectual environment committed to maximising your potential with undergraduate degrees that study the many facets of journalism, media, culture and communications.

As an undergraduate student at the School, you will have the opportunity to study diverse modules that cover socially relevant topics in media, politics and digital communication. There is also an option to explore modules from other schools through our Joint Honours degree programme.

We place focus on not just educating students about theoretical and academic perspectives, but we also promote the development of critical thinking and cogent writing techniques through lectures, seminars and personal tutoring sessions.

Our undergraduate programmes are grounded in theory but we increasingly include opportunities for students to test the waters of industry practice through various partnership programmes with organisational bodies.

Degree programmes

Joint honours programmes

Study abroad

We educate students for global citizenship, rights and responsibilities, offering them opportunities to study abroad.

We have a number of exchange agreements with leading academic institutions in Europe, the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, and Australia that have world-class research records, or with international reputation in training journalists and/or media professionals.These agreements allow some of our undergraduate students to study for a term in these institutions, whilst the grades obtained in these universities count towards their degrees in Cardiff University.

Studying abroad as part of your university experience is a great way to broaden your academic knowledge through an international experience that can help you to develop skills that will be highly valued by employers. Going abroad for a term also provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the local culture and to experience how all aspects of life are lived in a different society. Students who spend a study period abroad also expand their network of friends, both from their countries of destination, and from other nationalities.

I’ve been given a lot of opportunities that I doubt I would have received at other universities. The School understands that students need to be pushed beyond their degree and they make sure students are given the chances to do this.

Rebecca Taylor-Ashfield BA Journalism, Media and Culture

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