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University Secretary's Office

This University Secretary's Office supports the University’s Council and Executive Management team by enabling them to meet their corporate governance obligations, ensuring we obtain specialist legal advice.

The Compliance and Risk team is responsible for advising the University on its external legal and regulatory obligations including the management of academic research misconduct, business continuity, Competition and Markets Authority, copyright, data protection, equality and diversity, freedom of information, freedom of speech, information security, major incidents, risk, Welsh language and whistleblowing.

The Corporate Governance team, through the University Secretary, advises the governing body and its subcommittees on the proper exercise of their powers, ensuring effective corporate governance. The team also advises on the application of the internal and external regulatory requirements affecting corporate governance.

The Legal Services Team ensures that University obtains its legal advice from approved providers, in a way that is compliant with procurement regulations.

Current vacancies

No vacancies currently available.