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Education and student experience vacancies

Our Education and Students sub-strategy will improve the quality of learning, teaching and the student experience at Cardiff University.

In 2020, we published The Way Forward 2018 - 2023: Recast COVID-19, an update of its existing strategy. In turn, in early 2021, we refreshed the Education and Students Sub-Strategy to reflect our circumstances as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but also to build upon the significant developments made over the last nine months.

In response to our refreshed strategy, we are recruiting a number of new posts with a view to deliver transformational change to the student experience in the coming years. Based on the sub-strategy’s six priority areas, these posts will support our new portfolio of work, focusing on the delivery of ambitious enhancements to the student experience based on three key themes:

  • student success
  • inspiring teachers
  • inclusive and innovative environment.

For further information about this portfolio of work, please email or the relevant role contact in the following job descriptions.

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Education and students sub-strategy

At least 50% of our undergraduate students will undertake a work placement during their studies.