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Julia Kalito’s story

Studying for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Julia was chosen by the University of Zambia to visit Cardiff on an exchange programme. Previously, Julia has achieved her diploma in nursing and an advanced diploma in midwifery.

Overall, Julia has found her time in Cardiff to be a very interesting experience. Julia says, "The lectures are interactive and communication between the students and lecturers is very effective."

Julia has been able to execute procedures with modern equipment that is provided by the placement teams. "The clinical experience has been awesome in that I have learnt to do things I could not perform in my country simply because we lack some of the equipment."

Julia benefited greatly from the 24-hour access to the university’s library where laptops and computers were at hand with quick access to the internet.

During Julia’s time in Cardiff she has learnt a range of different nursing skills, which range from performing CPR to patients which experience difficulties during pregnancy.

Julia in uniform.

Julia says, "I have also learnt that patients are the best teacher of a condition rather than reading it in a book. I have appreciated Cardiff University’s initiative of bringing on board people with different conditions to share their stories and experiences with us, it was amazing!"

Personally, Julia has learnt to reflect positively on her own life, career and profession. Julia would encourage other student nurses to participate in University exchange schemes. Julia believes that the exchange programme benefits individuals’ careers and ultimately provide better-quality nursing care globally.

Julia said, "it has given me a chance to see things in a different way and experience what others are doing in different parts of the world."

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