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Tanzania - Kathryn Slennet's story

Occupational Therapy student Kathryn Slennet in Tanzania.

Kathryn Slennet, an Occupational Therapy student, got to experience what the health services are like in Tanzania.

Kathryn spent her abroad placement at Muhimbili National Hospital allowing her to compare the services there with those in the UK:

“The team made me feel so welcome and wanted me to be able to see the work they carry out with children and adults,” Kathryn said.

Kathryn spent time in the rehabilitative medicine department which houses both occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Kathryn undertook a paediatric placement as well as observing and working in the physical outpatient and autism clinics.

On one of her days off, Kathryn visited an orphanage with a group of other students;

“Before we visited the orphanage, we went shopping and bought some toys and supplies for the children who lived in the orphanage.”

“I spent most of my time playing with the older children – we played catch and volleyball. I also did a puzzle with some of the younger children and taught them some animal names in English and they taught me the Swahili. After this, we played a game of football and it is safe to say that the children were much better than us!”