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Nepal - Lauren Stacey's story

Lauren with other students in Kathmandu

Lauren Stacey, an Operational Department Practitioner student, travelled to Kathmandu, where she got first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a practitioner in Nepal.

Lauren said, “Landing at the airport in Kathmandu was nerve-wracking and overwhelming but the experienced and sensitive Work the World team and the house put me at ease.”

“I settled into a routine over the next few weeks, becoming familiar with anaesthetists and surgeons who had as many questions for me as I had for them, exchanging knowledge and culture. The local nurses could not believe my skills to scrub and assist in anaesthetics and recovery.”

The sights of Kathmandu

Outside of work, Lauren and her housemates had plenty of time to explore the busy city. Highlights of her trip included a mountain flight over the Himalayas and around Mount Everest. She also visited Chitwan Safari Park, where she was able to feed elephants.

Lauren said: “If you’re considering undertaking an overseas placement, keep an open mind. You’ll see things that you wouldn’t have seen before - some of which may be eye-opening, inspiring, others which may be shocking. But you will take this experience and use it to help others, develop your own practice, guide your own principles and values, and learn to appreciate the standard of our healthcare at home.”