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Fiji - Physio students' story

Figi physio students
Physio students in Figi

Physiotherapy students Christian, Monica, Lucy, Natasha, Lydia and Phoebe Jan spent four weeks in Fiji volunteering.

The students volunteered to take part in a project that works towards the development of grass-roots sport and assist teachers in local schools to advance learning of secondary and primary students.

They worked alongside project leads within traditional Fijian villages and lived with local families.  The opportunity to provide facilities to locals to help them engage with new sports and activities had a huge impact on the students.

What they had to say

“An outstanding experience which I feel improved me as a person in every possible area.”

“An unforgettable and life changing adventure making memories I will cherish for the rest of my life with strangers who have become friends for life.”

“I would recommend to anyone who wishes to truly immerse themselves into another culture.”

“Absolutely amazing, TAKE ME BACK! I will never stop talking about it.”

“Volunteering in Fiji was the best month of my life. I gained unforgettable experiences and memories!”