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School seminars

We hold regular seminars in the School to discuss a wide range of exciting and thought-provoking research topics. Speakers include both members of staff and invited guests.

DateEvent Guest speakerTopic
18 October 2019AI and Robotics Research 
Professor Chenguang Yang Bristol Robotics LaboratoryHuman-friendly Robot Teleoperation Design and 
Human Robot Skill Transfer
18 October 2019AI and Robotics Research 

Dr Zhibin Li University of Edinburgh

From Automation to Learned Autonomy - 
A New Era for Intelligent Robots
17 October 2019ACM/TPMSM Research 
Dr Mark SchenkExperimental Path-Following of Nonlinear Structures
24 September 2019HRCProfessor Shuqing Yang
School of Civil, Mining and Environment and Engineering
University of Wollongong
Coastal reservoir as sustainable solution for water resources to meet SDG6
27 August 2019Centre for High Frequency Engineering SeminarDr Julien Le Kernec
University of Glasgow
Radar sensing in assisted living
5 July 2019Medical and Mechanical Engineering GroupDr Alexander Zwanenburg
Oncoray - National Centre for Radiation Research in Oncology, Dresden, Germany
Radiomics towards clinical translation for personalised cancer treatment
2 July 2019 Future Materials Cross Cutting Theme Research SeminarDr Iuliia S Elizarova
Centre of Advanced Structural Ceramics - Imperial College London
Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics – The Challenge of Multiscale Control
4 July 2019ACM Research SeminarDr Sachin Kumar
Indian Institute of Technology - Ropar
Computational modelling of complex interfaces and evolving discontinuities
26 June 2019ACE Multiphysics WorkshopProfessor M Charalambides
Imperial College
Modelling of food oral processing and gastric processing
26 June 2019ACE Multiphysics WorkshopDr X Guo
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Developing a dynamics load balancing library for wsiFoam
11 June 2019 NANOSNEG Dr Alexander J G Lunt
University of Bath 
Microscale residual stress analysis using the ring-core focused ion beam technique
10 June 2019CREWE Research Seminar

Prof Soo-Young No

Chunbuk National University

Utilization of Liquid Biofuels in CI Engines
9 May 2019 Transport futures seminar Dr Yue Cao
University of Lancaster 
Towards sustainable e-mobility: Vision and challenges
29 April 2019 ACM Research Group
Professor Basant Lal Sharma
Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Indian Institute of Technology, UP 208016, Kanpur, India
On the discrete scattering effects due to edges in certain simple structures
9 April 2019 Industrial guest lecture

Dr Ian Whiting
Moog Control Ltd

Electrohydraulic servo control
6 March 2019


Kevin Kendall
Adelan Ltd, University of Birmingham

Graphene in tough ceramic composites

27 February 2019

Applied and Computational Mechanics Group

Dr Maria Teresa Lombardo
School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University

An overview advanced materials processing research activities

11 February 2019


Dr Sam Tucker-Harvey
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre, University of Warwick

A galloping energy harvester with attached flow

11 February 2019


Dr Petr Denissenko
Fluid Dynamics Research Centre, University of Warwick

Statistics of admixture distribution in flows through porous media (open-cell foams)

18 January 2019

Centre for High Frequency Engineering Research Seminar

Dr Susana García
Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering, Heriot-Watt University

Novel porous materials for CO2 capture applications