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Marine Geography

Suited to students interested in the study of the physical, hydrographical and managerial issues relating to the ocean and its coastlines.


Degree name UCAS Code
Marine Geography (MSci) 1D78
Marine Geography (BSc) F845


Fieldwork contributions

All our programmes provide hands-on experience in real field situations at no extra cost. We also supply specialist equipment for working in the field and at sea, supporting the widest range of field experiences linked to classroom-based teaching. (Students are asked to make a contribution towards the cost of food whilst away and a deposit for some fieldwork equipment).

I work as a Coastal Process Scientist for the Channel Coastal Observatory in Southampton monitoring the coast as part of the Southeast Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme. We undertake topographic beach surveys and nearshore hydrographic surveys. The data are processed and used by a wide variety of stakeholders. I am responsible for planning, undertaking and analysing beach surveys within the East Solent area. The wide variety of modules I covered at Cardiff, as well as the use of different software and the practical fieldwork aspect, helped me to secure a job which I love.

Emma Evans MESci Marine Geography 2014


Our marine geography programmes are accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).