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Hollie Taylor

Hollie Taylor

The MSc was very insightful and although it could be demanding at times, I always felt supported by the lecturers and the university staff. The course provided the stepping stones to where I am today, and I will forever be grateful for my time at Cardiff University.

After my undergraduate degree, I spent time travelling and working in Australia and New Zealand before studying the Applied Environmental Geology (MSc) course in 2018.

The course provided opportunities to work as a team throughout many assignments and course work elements, which allowed us to draw upon each other’s knowledge and strengths, showing us what it is like to collaborate ideas in the working world. The regular field trips helped with my understanding of the course as I was able to visualise the practices and procedures taught within the lecture theatres in real-life case studies.

Project work

Throughout the placement period I worked as a Graduate Environmental Engineer at Sanctus Limited, a remediation and environment contractor, based in Gloucester. Luckily, I started my placement just as a ground investigation and remediation project was awarded to the company. I was able to observe the processes involved with the initiation of a project.

My involvement with the project included the preparation of the desk study and I constructed a preliminary conceptual site model, which led into the ground investigation proposals. I was then provided with the opportunity to attend site and assist with the ground investigation and monitoring phase of the project. This helped to expand my site knowledge and understanding of technologies and how data is obtained, analysed, and then interpreted in a remediation strategy.

Following the six-month placement, I was permanently employed as a Environmental Engineer. I was able to travel around the UK on various remediation projects where I undertook ground investigations, contaminated soil sampling, waste classification and human health risk assessments. Towards the end of my time at Sanctus, I started to venture into the commercial side of contracting and became involved with the tendering and pricing processes of the business.

New opportunities

In January 2022, I took the leap over to consultancy, where I started working at Amey as an Assistant Geo-Environmental Consultant. In my short time at Amey, I have already expanded my knowledge and understanding of technical standards, regulations and guidance, and how they should be incorporated in consultancy reports to ensure all works are compliant.

I work with the geo-environmental team who offer advice and support to major civil infrastructure projects around the country, which have the potential to encounter contaminated land, and ensure that the soils, groundwater and ground gas are effectively managed to ensure the project is carried out in a compliant and sustainable manner.

As I reflect on my time in industry, I know that I would never have got to where I am without completing the Applied Environmental Geology (MSc), especially the working placement.