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Neuroscience and mental health research

A scan of the connections in the Brain
A scan produced by the 3T 'Connectom' MRI scanner at Cardiff University

By supporting the next generation of neuroscience and mental health researchers you will help accelerate the development of new, more effective diagnoses and treatments.

Your gift to the Future Leaders in Neuroscience and Mental Health initiative will support the development of exceptional early-career researchers.

Their research covers neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and ADHD, major psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Future Leaders in Neuroscience and Mental Health

Cardiff University’s Future Leaders in Neuroscience and Mental Health initiative supports researchers at an important stage in their careers by providing crucial, unrestricted seed-corn funding.

The funding can be used for pilot-stage research, forming the basis for larger projects, or access to funding to support travel, conferences and networking opportunities.

Funding at this early-career stage can help unlock research potential for researchers who want to explore new ideas, but are unable to access grant programmes. By supporting the next generation of researchers, the initiative is investing in the next generation of breakthroughs.

Neuroscience and mental health research

Researchers at Cardiff are at the forefront of global progress in understanding the genetics of mental illness. Our research spans disorders from childhood through to old age.

The expertise and experience at Cardiff is recognised globally and it is a focal point for neuroscience and mental health worldwide. At Cardiff we understand that there are many links and crossovers in the spectrum of mental health disorders.

We believe if we can understand the brain and how these disorders affect it then we can develop better, earlier diagnoses and more effective treatments for patients.

There are five areas where Cardiff University excels globally:

  • research institute: translating the fundamental research discoveries into a greater understanding of disease mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention
  • brain imaging: using the best equipment to map changes and connectivity in this notoriously difficult-to-access organ
  • patient involvement: recruiting volunteers for research, raising awareness and combating stigma
  • genetics: using research in genetics and genomics to inform better diagnosis and treatment
  • new medicines: putting Wales at the forefront of medical innovation, bringing cutting-edge science to the patient by turning leading biomedical research into novel drugs.