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Cancer research

Dr Catherine Hogan, Research Fellow at Cardiff University
Dr Catherine Hogan, Research Fellow at Cardiff University

By supporting the next generation of researchers who will accelerate the development of new, more effective treatment, you can improve the survival rates and quality of life for people with cancer, now and in the future.

Your gift to the Future Leaders in Cancer Research initiative will support carefully targeted career development of exceptional young cancer researchers.

Help us support the wide range of researchers, from laboratory scientists and clinical trial specialists to psychologists helping patients deal with the mental burden of cancer, and those looking to identify new cures and treatments.

Future Leaders in Cancer Research

Cardiff’s Future Leaders in Cancer Research initiative proactively identifies, supports and nurtures the cancer research community of tomorrow. The programme identifies talented early career cancer researchers working in the lab and directly with patients.

The Future Leaders’ cohort is given specialist training and coaching to develop “non-bench” skills such as grant-writing, financial management, and presentation techniques.

The programme encourages participants to engage in personal and professional self-assessment so that they are able to identify skills gaps, develop a career plan and build professional networks with senior colleagues.

Cancer research at Cardiff University

Our cancer research community is collaborative and innovative. The new cancer research strategy is built around three strengths:

  • discovery of new targets and novel strategies to develop innovative cancer treatments
  • designing and leading on the delivery of clinical studies using innovative cancer inventions
  • working on earlier diagnosis and prevention of many cancers to reduce the global burden of cancer.

The strategy also sets out ambitious plans to grow Cardiff’s cancer research community, attracting and retaining talented academics and clinicians, with an emphasis on nurturing the cancer research leaders of tomorrow.