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Interview and Audition Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. This policy applies to all formal interviews and auditions conducted to assess your suitability for entry to Cardiff University programmes.

i. Informal meetings with University staff to discuss the University’s programmes, entry requirements, or suitability for selected programmes are not considered interviews or auditions in the context of this policy.

1.2. Throughout the policy, any reference to interview also includes auditions unless otherwise stated.

2. Principles

2.1. The University conducts interviews based on the following principles:

  • fairness
  • transparency
  • professionalism
  • accessibility
  • consistent application of policy and procedure.

We are committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all practices and activities, including those relating to interviews.

2.2. To demonstrate this commitment, where a School wishes to conduct interviews as part of their selection processes, a full Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) will be undertaken at the outset and where there are major changes to the process. Shorter EIA reviews will be undertaken annually before the start of each cycle. Schools are required to submit copies of the EIA to the Admissions Policy Group.

2.3. Where an interviewer may know an applicant personally, the interviewer will be required to make a declaration of interest as soon as they become aware to both the University Admissions Team and the School-level Admissions Team.

2.4. We will make every effort to find a substitute interviewer in these cases. Where this it is not possible, the interview will either be recorded or an independent observer should be present.

3. Why we interview

For the majority of programmes, the University does not interview applicants as part of its selection process. However, there are some circumstances where the University will require you to attend an interview in order to be considered for selection for a place.

These include:

  • where there is a relevant legal/regulatory requirement or guideline
  • where either full or partial funding is available for a limited number of applicants, to identify the best candidate/s for the award (this may take the form of funding to cover tuition fees; a bursary award for living costs; or sponsorship for a project)
  • if it is felt that this is the best method of identifying potential for study, e.g. to assess research potential or suitability to the programme.

Where an interview forms part of the selection process, this will be published on our Coursefinder pages (and on UCAS for undergraduate programmes).

4. Training

Cardiff University provides interview training for those serving on interview panels, alongside equality and diversity and unconscious bias training. As a minimum, at least one person on an interview panel will have received full training. Where possible, this will be the Chair of the Panel.

5. Interview Types

5.1. Cardiff University interview types include panel interviews (panel members may be from outside Cardiff University), a presentation, or discussion of a piece of research. Normally panels will consist of a minimum of two interviewers (one of which will be a trained Chair).

Where a two-person panel is not possible, interviews may be recorded for audit purposes or include an observer or chaperone (applicants have the right to request a chaperone).

5.2. Cardiff University also conducts Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs ) which are made up of a series of short, carefully timed interview stations designed to provide information about an applicant’s ability to think on their feet; to critically appraise information; to communicate ideas and to demonstrate that they have thought about some of the issues that are important in their chosen area.

5.3. Auditions involve a performance on your principle instrument or voice in front of a panel. Typically, you will choose your repertoire. Assessment of your performance will be based on overall expressive and technical standards.

5.4. Further information on the type of interview you may expect will be available in our Coursefinder information, and will be sent directly to successfully shortlisted applicants.

6. Selection criteria

Individual selection criteria and assessment methods, along with any specific codes of practice relating to interviews for a particular programme, will be documented in the University’s published entry requirements.

7. Welsh Language Applicants

For undergraduate programmes, we will offer you the choice to be interviewed in Welsh or bilingually when we invite you to interview. For all other programmes, the relevant School will inform applicants at the point of invitation to interview whether the interview can be held in Welsh.

8. Invitation to Interview

8.1. When scheduling your interview, as much notice as possible will be provided to minimise the chance that you will be unable to complete this part of the selection process. Notice should include providing adequate notice (usually a minimum of two weeks) when inviting an applicant to an interview and offering an alternative interview date (if requested) where possible.

8.2. If you are unable to attend your interview, we cannot commit to offering a revised interview date in all cases. This will be dependent upon staff and venue availability. When you receive your interview date, if you know that you will be unable to attend, please let the relevant School know as soon as possible to maximise the possibilities of arranging an alternative date.

8.3. If you are offered an interview as part of the UCAS Clearing process, this is very likely to be scheduled at short notice. Applicants applying to programmes via Clearing which require an interview will be made aware of the requirements for attendance.

8.4. If the University cancels or postpones an interview, you will be offered a revised interview date. Where the University cancels an interview with less than 24 hours’ notice, the University will reimburse any travel costs you incur.

9. Interviewing applicants aged under 16

9.1. Interview procedures will be consistent with Cardiff University’s Safeguarding Policy. The University does not act in place of parents, and applicants under the age of 16 must be accompanied to interview by a suitable adult over the age of 18.

9.2. If you will be under 16 years of age at the time of interview, the arrangements will include ensuring that contact details of the suitable adult are available.

10. Travel and subsistence costs

The University does not routinely refund the costs applicants may incur when travelling to an interview except in cases of cancellation (see 8.4). If a travel and subsistence payment is available this will be made clear when you are invited to an interview.

11. Prior to the interview

11.1. Further to the information published on Coursefinder, where applicants are invited to interview, more detailed information on the processes, criteria, and nature of assessment will be made available in advance of the interview.

11.2. If you are invited to interview you will be invited to disclose details of any medical or specific needs that should be taken into consideration when you accept the invitation to interview. This is to allow any reasonable adjustments to be made. Please note that if we are not notified of requirements in sufficient time, it may not be possible to make provision for these.

i. Reasonable adjustments will vary depending on the needs of the individual applicant and the amount of notice time given for the University to accommodate these needs.

ii. Reasonable adjustments are also subject to any restrictions related to the interview itself or imposed upon the interview process by external or regulatory bodies.

iii. Where is it not possible to make adjustments to the interview process, applicants will be given a full explanation as to why.

12. During the interview

12.1. You will be asked to verify your identity, for both face-to-face and telephone/video interviews. You will be advised on the documents needed in advance of the interview. Where face coverings are worn, for medical or religious reasons, appropriate procedures will be followed to facilitate the identification process, such as social distancing or a private one on one space with a person of the same gender.

12.2. Interviewers will ensure that the conduct of your interview is in line with the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy.

12.3. Interviewers will ensure that they follow agreed procedures for keeping a record of the interview as per the terms of the University’s Retention Policy.

12.4. You will be expected to conduct yourself in line with the University’s Equality and Diversity and or its Dignity at Work and Study Policy while on University premises.

12.5. If an interviewee engages in behaviour/s that is in contravention of University policy, the University reserves the right to terminate the recruitment/selection process and not to make an offer.

13. Telephone or online interviews

The University may conduct telephone or online interviews (e.g. Skype, Zoom) if appropriate to the interview type. In some cases, legal or regulatory requirements may mean this option is not available. Telephone or online interviews will follow the same principles and guidance as face-to-face interviews. If you are offered a telephone or online interview you will be asked to verify your identity before the interview.

14. Interview Outcomes

14.1. You will be notified at your interview how long it will take for a decision on your application to be made. If the decision is dependent upon other factors, for example, if all interviews need to be conducted before decisions are communicated, you will be notified of this.

14.2. If you are successful at interview, you will be made an offer for the programme. This may be conditional upon other factors, such as achievement of the necessary academic or English language requirements.

14.3. If you are unsuccessful at interview, you may be offered a place on an alternative programme or rejected.

i. If you are rejected following interview, you are not permitted to reapply for that programme in the same admissions cycle.

15. Feedback

15.1. For some programmes, written feedback will automatically be sent to all applicants who are not made an offer following interview. If this is the case, you will be notified of this at interview.

15.2. For all other programmes, you can make a request for feedback on your interview, in writing to the Admissions Team. For more information, please see our Feedback policy.

16. Data retention

Chairs of interview panels will ensure that a formal record of your interview is collated and securely stored. A copy of these records will also be maintained by the School’s Admissions coordinator. These records should be retained in accordance with the timelines contained in the University’s retention schedules.

17. Contact Details

For further information about this policy please contact the Admissions Support Team:

Phone: +44 (0)29 20879999

Post: Admissions Support Team
Cardiff University
McKenzie House
30-36 Newport Road
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