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Dental Foundation Trainers' (DF1) expectations

There is a perception that new generations of dental graduates are not as well prepared for clinical practice as their predecessors.

According to GDC guidelines, students should attain "basic clinical skills" before starting their vocational training period. However, there is no agreement on what is exactly meant by "basic clinical skills", and the concept itself varies from one university to another.

We investigated Dental Foundation (DF1) trainers' expectations of dental graduates specifically in relation to "basic clinical skills", and explored whether these expectations were being met.

Overall, trainers' expectations of new graduates' non-clinical skills outstripped their experience. It was not possible to determine whether the trainees were under-performing or whether the expectations of the trainers were unrealistic.

Dental Foundation Trainers' expectations of new graduates.pdf

Final report of the Dental Foundation Trainers’ Expectations of a Dental Graduate study.