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Virtus Tech

Cardiff University help Virtus Tech improve their data capabilities and deliver greater benefits to clients.

The company, based in Cardiff’s Tramshed Tech coworking space, specialise in the creation and hosting of digital 360-degree tours. Co-founders Robin Davies and George Bellwood explain more.

Maximising data brings business benefits

“Virtus Tech specialises in creating and hosting digital tours using a combination of virtual reality and digital features. Our expertise in digital photography and key data insights allows our customers to enter the rapidly growing virtual reality space.

Our customisable DIGI Tours and DIGI Data insights are market leading tools to help businesses grow by providing more effective engagement with, and understanding of, customers. Our virtual reality and digital features have been used by universities, retailers and real estate agents, among others.

Through networking, we discovered Cardiff could offer data science support, so we teamed up with the University’s Data Innovation Accelerator. The 4-month project allowed us to improve our current virtual tour experience, delivering greater benefits through the technique of ‘attribution modelling’ – helping us better understand how we were developing business leads.

We are both Cardiff University alumni, and were delighted to be working with the DIA’s data experts, who identified the opportunity to better understand and enhance our capabilities.

We were excited about the possibilities of evolving our data analytics platform, ‘Digi Data,’ into a fully-fledged product.

The DIA provided a detailed report, together with high-performing interactive graphs and charts, and created a new dashboard to generate new data-driven insights and enhance customer decisions on improving their tour experience.

The work also improved Virtus Tech’s knowledge of data visualisation techniques to incorporate into their client dashboard.

The company’s DIGI Tour product now provides clients with a bespoke virtual tour, combining virtual reality and integrated digital features to display services and facilities. Using this innovative display method, clients can create a whole new experience for their customers online and boost sales.

Thanks to the DIA’s expert help, we now have a solid idea of how we can take the Digi Data Platform forward to create a much better product for our customers.

The Accelerator has provided transformational advice and allowed us to rise above the competition. If it wasn’t for the DIA’s help, Virtus Tech would not have such a clear picture about what to do with the data that we are collecting and also how to display it.

It was an easy, supportive and thoroughly enjoyable project with a very robust and detailed report, which was extremely useful.

Our aim is to continue to develop our Digi Data platform using the design and concepts that were created by the DIA during the project, and we have high hopes for future successes off the back of it.

We’d like to thank the DIA for all their efforts in making this collaboration a success.”

Virtus Tech

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