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EatSleep Media

EatSleep Media – get help to tell your story.

EatSleep Media is a team of content creatives who will help you to tell your story. They create online content such as videos and podcasts to link companies and organisations to their communities and to tell their stories, as well as branching out into television, radio and film.

They are a growing company which currently employs 9 staff members, and they are hoping to add to this in the coming months. They have been working online but recently they have moved into their own premises in Cardiff Bay.

“We were looking for someone who specialised in data management,” said Commercial Director, Daniel J. Harris, “and we had asked in the Cardiff Start-up Facebook Group whether anyone had a recommendation. We wanted someone to find us tools and processes to better understand new audiences, and to collate the data we collected whilst exploring what the audience wanted from online content. Someone on the Facebook Group recommended contacting the Data Innovation Accelerator (DIA) at Cardiff University, and shared the link to their website. That is how we got in touch.”

The DIA quickly contacted ESM and informed them of the work they were doing and explained the process for working with them.  ESM then met with the DIA team to explore what the company did and what support was needed, and the DIA provided a data health check. ESM then applied for a collaborative project opportunity and spent the next few months working closely with the DIA to develop ideas, tools, and methods for exploring new audiences, testing content, conducting surveys and understanding the data they gathered.

“It was easy in that the team were accessible and supportive. We worked through various methods and tasks together and we learned a lot as we went,” said Daniel.

With the DIA’s help, ESM has developed a new method of data gathering through audience surveys which help them understand how to shape content for their new magazine-style show Ballers. ESM also learned how to collect and analyse data through their social media pages in the form of real-time dashboards that give them insights on their top posts, followers demographics and much more.

They are now in a position where they have a solid project and are looking for funding and support to launch that project fully into the market. ESM believe that the work undertaken with the DIA has ensured that what they are offering, their project, and their team, are all now much stronger as a result.