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Talent Intuition

How to maximise your data: Cardiff University help Talent Intuition to improve their data capabilities and deliver greater benefits to their clients.

Talent Intuition helps companies to make better informed strategic decisions by offering a combination of tools for sourcing external talent data as well as bespoke people intelligence consultancy.

The company was established in Cardiff three years ago and now employs eight staff members, stemming from corporate backgrounds.

Talent Intuition’s main product is its ‘Stratigens’ offering – a labour market analytics platform that brings together talent and business intelligence and workforce planning in one place. Compiled by data scientists, Stratigens combines and presents credible data from almost 1500 data sources on 552 cities in 52 countries and removes the need for their clients to suffer expensive and time-consuming consultancy services.

We worked with the Data Innovation Accelerator team to improve the recommendations that the Stratigens platform makes to clients and also the way in which the information is presented to users. This project in collaboration with DIA refined the way in which the best locations for skills supply are identified by algorithms within the platform. The outputs from this work are being used to shape a longer-term strategy for skills in Wales. The data we can generate is helping to define targets for foreign direct investment (FDI) projects and is proactively improving access to future in-demand skills.
Founder and CEO, Alison Ettridge

The successful partnership between the Data Innovation Accelerator (DIA) and Talent Intuition began with investigation activities into important indicators contained within social datasets (such as a "quality of life" indicator derived "happiness Index" and "standard working days"). Using know-how from Talent Intuition, the DIA then created an indicator importance weighting process.

By the end of the project the DIA delivered a proof-of-concept application where the user of Stratigens is provided with preferred locations based on the importance scores they provided to the matching algorithm.

Talent Intuition suggested that this proof-of-concept has a wider application within the business and is currently working towards implementing it at scale.

The project ran seamlessly, as this was the second partnership that Talent Intuition had with the DIA, and Alison reports:

"It was a very easy and collaborative working relationship; The DIA team have helped us identify the tangible benefits and they are genuinely a lovely bunch of people! The experience the DIA team brings is second to none and helps us to maximise the data we hold in Stratigens and to deliver added commercial benefit to the business and our clients. As a small business, we would have struggled to embark on an improvement project of this nature. Through receiving the DIA’s support, I can safely say our product will be greatly enhanced in terms of the insight it is able to provide to our customers.

"We are continuing to develop enhancements and explore pioneering research and  development approaches so that our product stands out in a global marketplace. We compete against larger global business with more resources, so we need to remain innovative to differentiate our offering. We intend to grow the business rapidly in our market niche, building up our tech team to compete with the best."