Ewch i’r prif gynnwys

Panayiota Chrystomou

Panayiota Chrystomou from Cyprus

Final year Business School student Panayiota has just returned from her placement year in Strategy and Operations Management and cannot wait to finish her last year back in Cardiff!

Name: Panayiota Chrystomou
Country: Cyprus
CourseBSc Business Economics with a professional placement year
Year of graduation: 2019

Why did you decide to come to study at Cardiff University?

The course itself and the modules that were offered were the two most determining factors for my decision to study at Cardiff. The fact that Cardiff University was a Russell Group university also contributed as I knew this was the level of education I wanted to obtain. The other factor for me was the city itself and how it combines everything that you need; a small village community-feel, a bustling city environment and warm-hearted people who live close to the sea and are more open and friendly to international students.

Why did you choose your programme of study over others? 

It was exactly what I was personally looking for. Having a comparison measure with what other universities were offering, this programme of study combined some interesting optional modules for each year that I would like to study further.

"A small village community-feel, a bustling city environment and warm-hearted people."

Panayiota Chrystomou, BSc Business Economics, 2020

Do you enjoy living in Cardiff? Do you have any examples of how is it different or similar to back home?

Cardiff is a great city to live and it offers a balanced experience between University and student life. The people living here are warm and friendly like the people back home who live close to the sea. I would say that the weather is much different to our weather in Cyprus, but that’s something you get used to easily. Everything is within close walking distance here and there are many activities and fun things to do as a student here.

How was your professional placement year?

It was a fascinating year for me. I have put into practice all the things I learned in theory in the past years and I gained invaluable knowledge and experience for the future. I had adapted to the workplace and the professional mindset really well and I felt more equipped with knowledge on my return to finish my degree. It is an opportunity I am glad the Business School started offering and would recommend to anyone who is passionate enough to get to the workplace.

What are you planning to do after you graduate?

I am applying for graduate jobs at the moment, something I considered after I finished my placement year as I was initially planning on following a masters degree after I graduated. Hopefully I will find a position within the industry and stay to work in the UK for a few years.