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Financial aid in Canada

Learn more about the student loans and scholarships that are available to prospective students from Canada.

Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund

The Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund is open to applications from all Canadian graduate students studying for full-time, multi-year graduate courses in the UK with awards ranging from £1,000 to £5,000.

Student loans

If you would like to apply for a loan through the Canada Student Loan Program, you must usually do this through your provincial or territorial student assistance office or website.

Canada Student Loans are usually managed through the National Student Loans Service Centre and are often applied for at provincial level.

Further information on the process is available from the Government of Canada and the Campus Access website.

Please note that the Canadian government, not the University, will process most of your loans – please direct any queries that you may have to them.

Please be aware that not all courses may be eligible for funding from your province or territory – please do check your eligibility with the National Student Loan Service Centre.

You may be given several forms before and during your course which need to be completed by us. If these forms are requesting information regarding your status as a student or to confirm enrolment, please get in touch.

Tax certificate

If you require a Canadian tax certificate, please email: fees@cardiff.ac.uk

More information

If you have any questions, please contact us.