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Dr Rhys Jones

Dr Rhys Jones


Ysgol y Biowyddorau

I am a Cardiff University Lecturer, reptile specialist, environmental consultant, researcher and broadcaster.


Dr Rhys Jones - Distinghuised Visiting Fellow

Rhys completed his PhD on "British reptile conservation: phylogeography and translocation studies" (supervised by Prof. Mike Bruford and Prof. Jo Cable) in 2009 and continues to research and lecture at Cardiff University.

He is a Principle ecologist, a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, A Fellow of the Society of Biology, and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.  

He is the Wildlife Trusts Wales Ambassador, the Welsh Libraries Ambassador and Champion of reading and Skills Ambassador to ACT training alongside Jonathan Davies MBE.  

Rhys is a BAFTA nominated Television and Radio presenter. His BBC television career includes two series of 'Rhys to the Rescue', Chris Packham's 'Nature's Calendar' and Sir David Attenborough's 'Saving Planet Earth'. He has presented the Royal Welsh Show on BBC Wales for 7 years. He also works in radio, including his BBC Wales radio series 'My date with Death' and podcasts for the Guardian. He regularly appears on BBC radio alongside the likes of Simon Mayo on Drive time BBC Radio 2, Cerys Mathews on Radio 6 Music and Inside Science on BBC Radio 4.

Rhys's latest BBC television series 'Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol attracted an audience of 12 million viewers across the UK. He is currently shooting series 3 of 'Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol', which will be aired in 2015, alongside lecturing and researching at Cardiff University.

PhD supervisors

  • Professor Mike Bruford 
  • Professor Jo Cable (Cardiff University)

Rhys' PhD research bridged the disciplines of herpetology, parasitology and evolutionary biology.  He initially identified novel methods to both obtain non-invasively collected tissue to construct phylogeographies of all three of our British snake species, providing evidence that the British Adder occupied a niche in Britain during the last ice age. He also evaluated the success of reptile translocation programmes. This was accomplished by non-invasive sampling of slow worms and monitoring their gastro-intestinal parasite fauna over an 18 month period. This led to recommendations for optimal mitigation strategies and the discovery of a parasite species new to the UK that was affecting reptile populations.

I am a presenter and scientific adviser to various television and radio networks including the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Smithsonian Channel.  My local engagement activities include:

Her Worship the Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan’s Official Environmental Advisor

International Ambassador for The Llandough Hospital Orchard Charity Project

Ambassador Wildlife Trusts Wales

Ambassador Techniquest

Welsh Libraries Reading Champion travelling to every Welsh county to communicate the love of reading for pleasure, knowledge building and self-improvement across all 23 Welsh Library hubs.