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CCMRC student moderates international convention to 'Fight for a world without cancer'

14 December 2016

Sarak Koushyar presenting at international conference in Dubai
Miss Sarah Koushyar presenting her research on 'The up-regulation of an androgen co-repressor'

In November 2016, Miss Sarah Koushyar, 2nd year PhD student, CCMRC was invited to attend, present and moderate at the 14th World Anti-Cancer Convention in Dubai.

In-line with the event theme of ‘Fight for a world without cancer,’ Miss Koushyar presented her research on ‘The up-regulation of an androgen receptor co-repressor; Prohibitin leads to cell cycle arrest in an androgen dependent cell line; LNCaPs.’

Miss Koushyar also acted as moderator for the first two days of the conference, where topics concentrated on the most recent advances in cancer diagnosis and therapies, and attended the pre-conference dinner alongside world-renowned speakers.

Miss Koushyar said:

"Being asked to moderate an international Convention was a huge honour. In addition to presenting my research, I was able to facilitate the dissemination and application of research findings to international medical health professionals and world-leading oncologists. I would like to thank the Tom Owen Fund and the WM Thomas Fund, Cardiff University for their financial support."

The event, which was held from the 21st - 23rd of November 2016, welcomed keynote speakers including Professor Mohamed El-far, an expert on prostate cancer from Cardiff University who is now continuing his work in Egypt and Dr Amin Nezami, the owner of a medical centre in California who has been described as ‘a pioneer in the field of cancer therapy who could shape the future of oncology.’

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