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Sustainability science summer school

9 Ebrill 2013

The Sustainable Places Research Institute is launching a new sustainability science summer school to be run in June 2013.

The summer school, a joint venture with the University Graduate College, will provide a unique research training forum for interdisciplinary doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the field of sustainability science and place-making.

Running from the 24th-28th June, the week-long programme will give PhD students exposure to high-quality research being conducted on sustainability from across the sciences and the opportunity to learn from these research experiences and practices. They will also be able to share common experiences in both researching and writing and discuss the opportunities and challenges for achieving a more joined-up approach to improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of society

It aims to serve a wide range of student interests and career plans not just those that consider themselves to be working in the field of sustainability. For example: a social scientist might want to know what tools and measures best assess current interactions between people and their natural environments, and can also be used for predictive purposes? Or a biologist might want to understand how science is used policy making, how we build models, how we scrutinise them, and how policy makers can and should use them.

The Summer School sessions will be a mixture of informal talks, workshops, group discussions and presentations and will cover the following themes:

  • Sustainability Science and place-making: the current state of the art and critical perspectives with Terry Marsden.
  • sDNA introduction and demonstration from Crispin Cooper
  • An introduction to urban governance for food security with Roberta Sonnino and Ana Moragues Faus
  • Health and connected communities with Yi Gong
  • Adaptive governance and social innovation for ecological transitions with Abid Mehmood and Susan Baker
  • Science and public policy: governing environmental risks with Brian MacGillivray
  • Cooperative research: methods and applications.  A one-day focus on participatory methods with Leanne Cullen-Unsworth and Alex Franklin
  • Ecosystems and People with Isabelle Durance
  • Ontologies, epistemologies and practices for sustainability science and place-making with Terry Marsden

More information and details on how to register for the summer school are available here.

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