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Premier League boost for Brand Cardiff

6 Mai 2013

Elliot Pill, from the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, has predicted massive benefits to be gained for Cardiff the City, following Cardiff City's promotion to the Premier League. Elliot, an expert in branding, also urged business and government leaders to seize the opportunity to build an international identity for the City:

"Cardiff City winning Premier League status will bring huge benefits to the Capital. We saw the effects in some form when the new Wembley Stadium was being built and football fans flooded into the Millennium Stadium to watch the major football finals some years ago. It was great for the Cardiff brand and great for trade.

"However this time it will be different as that level of "traffic" will be seen on a weekly basis with fans flocking along the M4 corridor to watch superstar names such as Rooney, Giggs, Tevez and Ferdinand.

"There is no doubt this is a wonderful opportunity to be embraced by business and government in building a City identity to wider audiences not just in this country but further afield."

Elliot highlighted the opportunity for Cardiff University to raise its profile on the international stage as a result of the promotion: "The University will also be able to benefit from the global media coverage in markets such as Malaysia, the Middle East and mainland Europe.

"Experts have predicted the value of Cardiff's promotion in monetary terms but it is priceless when you look at the reputation and branding opportunity across the year.

"The key now is to hope and pray that the club doesn't have an elevator drop back into the Championship and some form of momentum can be developed to keep the off field opportunities moving forward."

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